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Daos' X Tv And Manga Review


Rated: 9

The anime was very enjoyable to watch, although I must admit I didn't like it very much the first time I saw it. This could have been to the fact that I was 12-13, whcih says something. I think this anime is better for an older audience, because some of the themes and context is very heavy on the younger viewer. However, I think that if you know your anime and you've seen this, you will have to agree that X is brilliant from the very beginning down to the very end.
Depending on the type of anime, I don't usually find a lesson. This was a dark anime, but one which was also clearly put. It had a bit of Princess Mononoke in it, because the Dragons of Earth were trying to cleanse the planet. This was somewhat of a lesson to us to take better care of it or it might be destroyed one day.

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Daos' Gravitation Tv Review


Rated: 9

Pretty good anime, very hilarious to watch.
"I saw kids who were harassing a turtle, so I had to help it and that's why I was late!"

The only problem with romance comedies is that the atmostphere starts out nice and pleasant, but tends to get heavier and more serious as the realtionship blossomed. This is exactly what happened in this anime, but I suppose you can't blame the creator after what Shuichi and Yuki have been through.
Now, to talk about the relationship itself. Yuki is the dark kind of person, and Shuichi is the light happy one. I've seen these two very opposite kind of people get together before in anime such as Naruto in the love triangle.

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Daos' Wolf's Rain Tv Review

Wolf's Rain

Rated: 9

Overall, the anime was awesome. From the very beginning that Kiba stumbled into town to the very end of the anime when-I loved it all. The presentation of the anie is very nicely done, and you really sympathize with the characters as they go along their journey to Paradise. Quite njoyable, I also like the lessons the show gives us (won't say anything) rather than just the mindless watching.
What I also love about this anime is the Russian. I've seen it quite a few times, from signs to books to maps. I was a little surprised to see Russian too, because I'm used to seeing Japanese kanji and things taking place in Japan. This was definetely a nice twist to the whole thing, and I think artists should try to incorporate other languages in their anime like this one has done.

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Daos' Paranoia Agent Tv Review

Rated: 9

The anime was great I must say, definetley something to spend your buck($) on.
I can't say there was humour or anything of the sort, unless you count the impatient detective. Most of the time (espeecially in the end) the anime sent a lot of chills down my spine. Definetely not an anime for the weak hearted, but still pretty good. Sometimes the episodes may seem weird, like the idiots who tried to kill themselves in some stupid way. At one time the art got a bit funky because detective Karino was living in "his own world", literally! The art was totally different there, but I suppose we can't blame him because it *was* his world was it not?
Like most great anime, this one portrayed a good message.

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Daos' Digimon Adventure Tv Review

Digimon Adventure

Rated: 8

Overall, this anime is quite something. From season to season it seems to get worse, I think the creators were pushing the anime too much. The characters might be different in each season, but they look like their clones (or at least their personalities do). This is still a pretty good anime, I quite enjoyed watching it. Each time they went to a different place the scenery changed from a cute candy shop to a dark and murky desert.
There were also fights, which was normal and essential. Some of the battles were quite cool, although it looked like a "My horse is bigger than your horse" thing. Bam, bam! Pow! Pow! The good guy draws out the missiles, while the bad guy uses some sort of shield.

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Daos' Serial Experiments Lain Tv Review

Serial Experiments Lain

Rated: 8

Lain may look like the type to pushover, but she has extraordinary power. She also might look like an average quiet character, but she is more smarter and softer.
The anime itself was great and I highly enjoyed watching it. I can't say this is the anime for everyone, but the creators did manage to get some different feeling about the show. If you're into sci-fi, great anime, and mystery this is the show for you! You could also somewhat call it horror, and not because Lain just stood by while it was happening in the earlier episodes.
There was also another weird scene when her sister went nuts, or the fact that Lain's dad bought her a lot of technology and her room became wired.

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Daos' Kare Kano Tv Review

Kare Kano

Rated: 4

The plot is very original, since this is the first itme I see someone's secret revealed and have that person fall in love with the other. <3 However, the creators wouldn't know comedy if it hit them on the head. :|
I had to fast-forward all the stupidity so I only got about 10 minutes of the show fully watched rather than the half hour. What does stupidity include in this show? Apart from the awful sound, poor animation, and personal drama, everything!
Please, if you can, avoid this time waster at all costs. It is nothing but poorly drawn animated manga and piano music. I guess the creators were very cheap to have some proper speech and animation. Maybe they themselves did not enjoy making the anime very much in the poor way it came out.

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